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Johnson's Cleaning Service will tend to your every cleaning detail! No job is too small or too big. We simply love to transform homes to a superior standard of cleaning. At all times, we will follow your slightest request, even if it means spending the entire time in the kitchen or restroom. In other words, you every cleaning wish will and can be fulfilled if you give us just one opportunity. We absolutely love our customers.

Services provide all phases of cleaning from residential, commercial, vacancy cleanings, laundry services, industrial cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

We provide weekly, monthly or one time cleaning and will accommodate all of our customers cleaning needs no matter what they may be. We value all of our customers no matter how big or small the job.

Proudly Serving: Los Angeles CA and surrounding areas

Services Offered:

  • Residential Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Construction Clean-up
  • Vacancy Cleaning
  • Party Cleaning (Before/After)
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • We are available for weekly, bi-weekly, once per month, or services on request. We can customize our services to suit your needs.
Los Angeles Cleaning Service: As Good as New

You spend a lot of time in your personal space. It says a lot about your personality and values, so if your space isn’t clean and tidy it may not be giving others the impression of you that you want to give. Most of us know that cleanliness is a virtue but sometimes we find it one of the most difficult virtues to attain, especially as it involves cleaning. Cleaning takes a lot time and energy and is something that not many people aspire to, particularly when they have other jobs to do and places to be! To help you change all that, use a professional Los Angeles Cleaning Service.

Chaos and inefficiency is the result of an untidy space. Life becomes less pleasurable when you have to deal with unfinished chores and clutter everyday. If you have to conduct an extensive and exhaustive search every time you need to find something you will find it robs you of time and energy. To a dedicated Los Angeles Cleaning Service, cleaning chores are a creative and valuable endeavor. They bring order to the chaos or your space. A meticulously clean personal environment can be created from its current messy state.

Of course, you may be a neat and tidy person but recently things may have slipped a bit because you don’t have the time to keep up with the cleaning. Or maybe cleaning is something you hate. A Los Angeles Cleaning Service is here to help. They understand that not everyone enjoys cleaning and that it’s often a tedious task which conflicts with your work and family time. Hiring a dependable Los Angeles Cleaning Service will allow you to have that well deserved break along with more personal time and space.

Los Angeles Cleaning Service That Meets Your Needs

The high quality cleaning services of a Los Angeles Cleaning Service will be customized to suit your needs. Cleaning appointments can be arranged on a flexible, daily, weekly or monthly basis to fit your schedule. Should you only need a one time cleaning appointment that it also an option.

The employees of a Los Angeles Cleaning Service are polite and proficient individuals who will do their jobs quietly and effectively without disruption to your normal routine and privacy. These are people that make sure that every surface of a room has been cleaned to the highest standards, even those areas you would normally overlook. A Los Angeles Cleaning Service will take special care of your upholstery as well as your walls and floors. They will know exactly what types of cleaning materials to use on all your hardwood, marble, ceramic and linoleum floors. Do you have cleaning issues in your house such as stains or grease? Don’t worry; they will know exactly how to deal with them.

A Los Angeles Cleaning Service Produces Comfort

A professional Los Angeles Cleaning Service can offer you daily, weekly or monthly rates that are affordable and competitive. You can be sure that they will be there when you most need them, consistently performing their duties and not letting you down. Do you own a rental apartment or frequently have guests or clients? If so you can also take advantage of helpful services such as one-time cleaning appointments. Should you need a one-time cleaning service just pre-arrange it yourself or get your real estate agent or broker to do it.

Hiring a Los Angeles Cleaning Service eliminates the need for you to complete a marathon cleaning session before entertaining clients or guests arrive. If you’re a landlord you can be confident that your house will be shown at its best and that the care and pride you put into your rental property will be noticed by prospective tenants.

Each and every room will be thoroughly cleaned by a Los Angeles Cleaning Service as they move from section to section. This means dusting rooms and mopping the floors. It also includes cleaning window surrounds, dusting blinds and vacuuming carpets. Kitchen and bathroom areas are also a high priority. In your office, services include the cleaning of cubicles as well as office spaces. Desks will be dusted, dividers wiped and floors mopped. Restrooms and break rooms will also receive special attention.

Your Health is Important to a Los Angeles Cleaning Service

Special precautions will be taken by a professional Los Angeles Cleaning Service as they care about health. Safe and non-toxic cleaners will be used where necessary. Sanitization is carried out on all cleaning supplies such as cloths, mops and dusters, which are also stored separately according to usage. To keep your home free of airborne contaminants and dust appropriate filters are used in vacuum cleaners.

A clean and tidy workplace will increase employee efficiency and leave clients with a good impression. People employed in commercial offices, schools and places like fitness centers also show improved motivation. In facilities that take care of people, such as doctors’ offices and day care centers, the strictest of hygiene standards need to be maintained. A skilled Los Angeles Cleaning Service understands this and will adhere to these high standards.

Employees of a reliable Los Angeles Cleaning Service are always hardworking individuals who have been carefully screened and well trained. Efficiency and honesty are their key attributes and they take pride in a job well done. The maintenance of high safety standards is also important to a Los Angeles Cleaning Service. No need to worry about the security and privacy of your space. The management believes in being accountable to employees.

It is in the spirit of hard-work and ingenuity that an experienced Los Angeles Cleaning Service offers you the experience of its wide array of cleaning services. You are not alone when it comes to tackling the job of cleaning your space or office. Just pick up the phone and an experienced Los Angeles Cleaning Service is not far away.


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